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Donate BCF Community Fund
Gifts to the Bainbridge Community Foundation Community Fund support our programs and activities of the Foundation and are allocated at the discretion of the Board of Trustees to the Area of Greatest Need.
Donate BCF Leadership Circle
Donations of $1,000 or more to BCF Leadership Circle Fund are recognized through the Leadership Circle where folks have an inside view of the Foundation’s work and are included in all BCF events – from donor thank you events to lectures and financial education seminars.
Donate 1 BCF Community Grantmaking Partner Fund
Donations of $10, $100, or $1,000 or more are accepted throughout the year to support the Foundation’s Community Grants grantmaking programs for nonprofit organizations serving the Bainbridge Community. This fund partners in supporting vetted and approved applications. Grants are awarded to organizations doing work in all nonprofit sectors. With this model, we are able to fund more projects and help more people.
  Donate BCF Capacity Building Grant Cycle
Support to BCF annual Capacity Building Grants program helps organizations become more effective by increasing their internal capacity to function as a stronger, more effective organization. BCF recognizes that one goal most organizations share is to perform their work more efficiently and effectively. This capacity building grant cycle is part of a program to help achieve that goal. Capacity building is distinguishable from direct program services, general operating support or capital expenses in that they typically seek to increase the knowledge, skill level and/or efficiency of a nonprofit board and/or staff.
  Donate BCF Endowment Fund
A permanently endowed fund to underwrite the activities and grantmaking of the Foundation.
Donate BCF Shel Klasky (Trustees') Award Fund
BCF Shel Klasky Award Fund. This award is focused on funding application(s)to BCF's Annual Community Grants Cycle that promotes a true collaboration between nonprofit organizations or is innovative in nature. This award is funded by donations from board, staff, our CGC evaluation team members as well as the general public. This award was established in memory of beloved BCF trustee Shel Klasky, who was a passionate member of Bainbridge Community Foundation's Grants Committee.
Donate Hannah Wachsman Memorial Fund
On March 16, 2021, Hannah Wachsman was taken from this world way too soon at the tender young age of 16 in a tragic car accident. Hannah loved so many things in life, but playing volleyball was her passion. She started her volleyball journey in 5th grade, eventually playing for middle school, high school, and traveling club teams. Her jersey number was always #2 and she played as the setter, and even occasionally a right-side hitter. Though she was small, she was mighty. Hannah had big dreams that were going to take her far. She wanted to be a nurse practitioner (or work in the health sciences field in some way), and even spoke of a deep desire to work in a trauma setting. The family of Hannah wishes to create a long-lasting legacy for her through this memorial fund by supporting student-athletes, students who reflect a dedication to academics, and to youth who reflect the values embodied by Hannah.
Donate Hazel Kleiner Fund to Flourish
Hazel Kleiner died suddenly and tragically on March 16, 2021 in a car accident coming home from a quick ice cream stop with 2 friends after their last high school volleyball game of the season. Hazel loved sports – especially volleyball and lacrosse – and even more so loved sharing time with her friends. The Hazel Kleiner Fund to Flourish was established so that Hazel can continue to support and engage with her friends and community. From season sport tuitions, travel/tournament fees, and summer camp opportunities, to support for mental health challenges that all young women potentially experience, The Hazel Kleiner Fund to Flourish will support young women on Bainbridge Island and give them the opportunity to thrive.
Donate Marina Miller Memorial Fund
Marina Miller passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in a car accident on Bainbridge Island, WA on March 16th, 2021. To know Marina is to laugh, to love, and to be inspired by her generous acts of kindness. She had a gentle and humble nature, but she was driven to work hard at school, and she was quietly but fiercely competitive with her sports. When she looked to the future, she always expressed that no matter what she did, she wanted to help others and she found great joy in her service work. The Marina Miller Memorial Fund was created to support causes she cared about and to carry on her legacy of service to the community.
  Donate Susan Wiggs Fund
Donate The Mother House Fund
The Mother House Fund supports thoughtful programs about how to better mother the earth, our country, our children and each other. We select timely issues and change our focus to respond to emergent needs that make a significant difference in the lives of mothers and children around the world.

The Mother House Fund currently supports programs and initiatives that demonstrate acts of compassion and effect positive change for children and families.

This fund is a fund of Bainbridge Community Foundation and as a public charity, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, all donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

You can donate by credit card using this online form, or send a check made out to Bainbridge Community Foundation with “The Mother House Fund” in the memo line to the following address:

299 Madison Avenue N, Suite B Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

  Donate Bainbridge Youth Sports Access Fund
Youth sports are vital to the health and well-being of students, but many Bainbridge students cannot afford the cost of participation fees. The Bainbridge Youth Sports Access Fund was established as a fundraising vehicle to eliminate the financial barriers to Bainbridge High School youth participating in sports. Grant funds are distributed to Bainbridge High School, and distributed to youth in need via the School's existing confidential protocol.
Donate BCF Community Response Fund
Currently supporting Covid-19 response funding for nonprofits. The Community Response Fund is an area-of-interest fund to provide financial resources to nonprofit organizations for urgent health and human service needs on Bainbridge Island, especially during times of economic hardship or human or natural disaster. The current COVID-19 crisis is one of those times.
  Donate BCF Housing Action Fund
The Housing Action Fund is an area-of-interest fund established by the Bainbridge Community Foundation in 2009. This fund addresses the critical need for affordable housing on Bainbridge Island by supporting both acquisition and bricks-and-mortar housing programs.
Donate BCF IDEAS Fund (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Social Justice)
The Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Social Justice (IDEAS) Fund is based on the principle that everyone should have equitable access to opportunities, programs, resources, and services—regardless of a person’s race, age, gender identity, socioeconomic background, (dis)ability, or country of origin. The IDEAS Fund will help support these requests to BCF Grants Cycles as well as specific initiatives and partnerships that promote the IDEAS principles.
  Donate Dance Performance Fund
  Donate Youth Experience Support (YES) Fund
The YES FUND helps eliminate barriers for young people to participate in school activities, extracurricular events, and special programs when financial need prevents their participation.
  Donate Bainbridge Music and Art Legacy Scholarship
  Donate BHS Class of 1961 Scholarship
  Donate BHS Class of '62 Scholarship Fund
  Donate Erin O'Brien Mead Memorial Scholarship Fund
This scholarship fund honors the life of Bainbridge Island resident Erin O'Brien Mead. Awards will be given to Bainbridge High School students interested in entering into post-secondary education.
  Donate George & Betty Munro Scholarship
  Donate Wendy Jackson Hall Scholarship
  Donate David & Joyce Veterane Endowment for Island Volunteer Caregivers
  Donate Hot Dog! Fund for Bainbridge Performing Arts
  Donate Island Treasure Awards Fund
The inaugural Island Treasure Awards were bestowed in January 31, 2000 ceremony to historian Gerald Elfendahl and photographer Joel Sackett. Since then, an additional 42 individuals who have demonstrated unique visions of the role of the arts or humanities on Bainbridge Island have been similarly honored including, sadly, four who have since passed away: Frank Buxton, Frank Kitamoto, Bob McAllister, and Sally Robison. Since 2002, the award program has included videos of the life story and work of that year’s award winners. Originally these were dedicated on-location interviews and recordings made by Frank Buxton. In 2011, Steve Stolee joined with Frank to produce and edit the videos, and in 2013 Steve took over the task. Thanks to their efforts, each of the presentations has been an inspiring and meaningful vignette acquainting us with the life and work of the honorees. February of 2019 we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Island Treasure Awards. Fund transferred from AHB to Island Treasure Foundation as of 8/1/2019.
  Donate The Fund for Bainbridge Public Schools
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